Berried treasure

Strawberries seem to be one of people's favorite things to grow in a GreenStalk vertical planter, and I love this clip of @moulinbarousse getting her GreenStalks planted up in France! Watch with the sound on and get in the mood for Spring 😊

We plan to move our own strawberries into one of our GreenStalks this year, and also planting pineberries. I've never tasted a pineberry before but heard they're delicious and I'm looking forward to it.

Strawberries and pineberries are perennial and survive Winter just fine in containers if you move them to a garage or greenhouse once the leaves have shriveled and become brown. Clip off the dried leaves first to prevent rotting, and don't forget to start checking on them in early Spring if they need a bit of water.

We let all perennials we plan to overwinter share the same GreenStalk tiers, to simplify things when it's time to get ready for Winter.

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