What makes GreenStalk vertical planters so special?

What makes a GreenStalk grow tower unique?

The advantages of a GreenStalk grow tower are many, GreenStalk outshines the competition in several ways.

  • Larger and twice as many cultivation pockets on each level.
  • Easy to move or spin with the choice of a suitable base.
  • Roots remain on their own cultivation level, making a GreenStalk easy to take apart when necessary - for moving, winter storage, replanting or simply removing the levels that are no longer needed after harvesting.
  • An incredibly smart irrigation solution that waters all growing pockets on all levels with a single watering from above.
  • Improved ergonomics in your gardening - harvesting av e.g. beans and peas with so many to pick on each plant is so very much easier on the back when it's not done bent over!
  • Made of high-quality and UV-resistant plastic that can withstand many seasons outdoors.

Grow a lot in a small area

The diameter of a GreenStalk growing tower is 48cm, which easily fits on your balcony, terrace, patio, garden, in a greenhouse or what have you. You get a very large growing area on just under a quarter of a square meter footprint.

Each level of the planter has 6 planting pockets, which means that for example a 5-Tier tower gives you the same possibilities as a full 30 individual pots. Enough to grow potatoes, carrots, beans, herbs, peas, lettuce and other leafy plants, flowers etc.

Easy to stack, easy to move, easy to disassemble

In that every tier is secured to the next with a smart interlocking solution, you can easily lift apart the levels if you want - perfect if you want to harvest, change the soil, move or plant new ones.

The watering solution in a GreenStalk is completely different to that found in most other towers. In other vertical planters not only the water but also the roots pass from one planting level to the next, making it difficult to separate the levels without damaging roots. Being able to take apart the GreenStalk tiers without damaging plants is especially important when growing perennials such as strawberries and certain onions and herbs.