What is the difference between GreenStalk Original and GreenStalk Leaf?

The difference between GreenStalk Original and GreenStalk Leaf is how much soil they hold - i.e. how much root space is available for the plants that grow there

GreenStalk Vertical Planters are available in two variants: "Original" and "Leaf". The difference between these is the depth of the cultivation pockets.

Original Vertical Planter

Assembled GreenStalk vertical planter Original size with 5 levels, color Evergreen

The first model "Original Vertical Planter" has a deeper measurement of 25½ cm and which holds approx. 30 liters of soil in each level of the tower. The original is better suited for plants with deeper roots with a slightly larger need for space. For example, you can grow potatoes, cabbage plants, swiss chard and smaller varieties of squash and tomato in a GreenStalk Original.

In the Original Vertical Planter, each growing pocket holds approx. 5 liters of soil, but the clever thing about GreenStalk is that the growing pockets are not completely separated from each other, and let the longer roots share space with the neighboring pockets. If you want to grow a plant that thrives best in a 10 liter pot, you simply assign the plant two growing pockets in the GreenStalk Original.

GreenStalk's journey started with the Original Vertical Planter, which later in 2020 inspired them to make a shallower model - the GreenStalk Leaf Planter.

Leaf Vertical Planter

Assembled GreenStalk vertical planter Leaf size with 5 levels, color Evergreen

The GreenStalk Leaf Vertical Planter has slightly shallower pockets with 18cm depth. Each cultivation level holds about 22 liters and each plant pocket about 3.8 liters of soil.

Have you considered mixing Original with Leaf?

You can! Leaf Planter has the same diameter and attachments as Original, which means that if you have both Original and Leaf, you can mix these and have some of each size on one and the same tower - for example, a tower adapted to your sun-loving plants and one to those that can handle the shadier part of your garden.

So if you want to combine a GreenStalk with, for example, 2 or 3 units with 25.5 cm deep growing pockets at the bottom and 2-3 units of the shallower one of 18 cm on top, it works fine. Keep in mind that larger foliage should sit further down and smaller foliage at the top to be able to take in as much sun as possible and not be obscured by each other.

How do you choose the best garden tower for your needs?

Think about your wishes, needs, and growing environment and decide on what plants you would like to grow.

Leafy plants, herbs and smaller root vegetables generally do well in the shallower Leaf Planter. Most vegetables need more space for their roots to produce a harvest, for these it is better with an Original Planter.

Read more and get suggestions for plants and varieties here "What can I grow in a GreenStalk grow tower?"