About us

Growing vertically has been my thing since the early 2000s.

A number of years living in Southern California during the '90s had made me used to being surrounded by greenery and color all year round, and when the next home was a cottage on the west coast of Sweden with a growing season half as long, strangely enough my interest for gardening was awakened for the first time. If you only get greenery half the year, you want to enjoy it a little extra.

At that time, I had 3000 square meters of land at my disposal, and started to garden "a little bit".

A few years later, I found myself living in a 3 BR on the tenth floor in town, and even more strangely it was then that gardening became a great and lasting passion in my life. I had to make so much more effort to treat myself to green spaces under the prevailing conditions...and it was so much fun!

In the kitchen with only a small window and mostly shade, there was a two-meter long 3-level shelf with year-round extra lighting (which made the neighbors wonder a lot...), where herbs, onion blasts and dwarf varieties of vegetables were grown .


But it was the small balcony of about 3 square meters in partial shade that became my everyday oasis. With a growing shelf on several levels, flower boxes on the railings, hanging ampels, and trellis, there were so many plants at different heights on this micro surface that I could take my morning coffee or evening wine with me, sit on the bench and feel like I was in my very own own little green flourishing world.

Those were the days.

Fast forward to 2009, and move to a row house with approx. 20 square meters of growing beds and a small greenhouse. I was completely beside myself with joy! After the years in the apartment, it felt like room to grow just about everything I could have wanted.

And it is, too. Okay, almost. Like all gardeners, I have to accept that certain conditions simply cannot be changed - such as where the sun is in relation to my garden, and that I will never have room for a fruit tree without being at the expense of the sunny places available - and adjust my dreams accordingly.

But it's close enough. Close enough to be so much closer to my dream of being self-sufficient than I ever dreamed I would be. The season ends with the freezer, pantry and cold storage well stocked with onions, tomatoes, peppers, chilies, squash, root vegetables, herbs, garlic, broths, herb salts and more that will last almost until the next harvest season.

It took a few years, a lot of thinking and a lot of looking-for-good-products to get here. What felt like all the growing space in the world soon turned out not to be. I wanted to try new varieties, experiment, grow more. It barely took a couple of years before I felt that I was outgrowing the new garden - so we started thinking of solutions instead.

This journey ended with the discovery of some incredibly good products, which we now share with you in our shop.

And now a few words from my husband.


- Christian

Yes, plants have always been a dear subject for Pamela, who ensures that the garden performs from early Spring to early Winter. She saw the potential in the garden early on when we moved to the new house in 2009...the greenhouse that was already there was probably what drew her the most and sealed the house purchase. After a little while, a number of pots in various sizes and shapes were made for her in secret, which I brought home to both the greenhouse and the garden. These pots have brought great joy and are still with us today.

Container gardening was already a popular way to grow potatoes, carrots, various types of cabbage, onions. herbs, salad chili, beans etc and which also helped to keep the snails away.

Time passed and one day in 2022 a friend calls and tells her about what she has seen online. A vertical planter - a GreenStalk vertical planter - with 6 pockets on each level and stackable up to seven floors with a built-in watering system. I know someone who couldn't let go of the thought of this, and before I could ask, an order for a number had already been made with the help of relatives in the USA. In the thought bubble above Pam's head could be read in large capitals "MY PRECIOUS".

And she was not disappointed - GreenStalk products with their stability and ingenuity are in a class by themselves.

It was the beginning of a new journey. A year later, after diligent emailing with the manufacturer, we finally got approval to become a proud "court supplier" of GreenStalk Vertical Planter in Europe and the Nordics.
Welcome to our shop!

//Pamela and Christian