Caring for GreenStalk #3 - support for squash plants

Growing in full sun and planted with large plants potatoes, squash, cauliflower and cabbage, GreenStalk #3 is a bit intimidating as I approach it to deal with the squash plants.

They've started hanging over the edges of the planter and I'm afraid the stems will break from the the weight of the fruit if I don't help them. I'd tied them to  stakes some weeks back, but that isn't doing the trick anymore so today I'll give them a GreenStalk Plant Support for extra support - wrapping twine several times around the stems and then tying firmly to the Plant Support ring.

I love summer squash and am growing four kinds in the GreenStalks this season: 'Astia F1', 'Gold Rush F1', pattypan 'Custard White' and 'Early Summer Crookneck'.  All of these are compact bush varieties marked suitable for containers - winter squash and squash that vine are just not suitable for growing in a GreenStalk.

The bottom tier is planted with potatoes, with one potato per pocket as I've read other GreenStalk gardeners do. But I like to experiment, and have allowed one of the potatoes two pockets, just to see if it makes any difference in harvest. In the empty pocket I planted parsley which shouldn't disturb any potatoes should they spread to that pocket as well.

Also in this tower are cabbage and cauliflower, and this GreenStalk needs a lot of water and weekly feeding with liquid fertilizer to support all this growth.

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