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Carrot 'Nantaise 2'

Carrot 'Nantaise 2'

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Daucus carota

Early/intermediate variety. Pelleted seed for ease of handling.

Fast growing sort with fine long and narrow roots with a rounded tip. Can be eaten fresh, cooked or frozen for later use. Not suitable for winter storage.

Thrives best in deep, loamy and well-drained soil.

Summer carrots are varieties that are fast-growing, usually long and thin and with a fantastic sweet and juicy taste. Summer carrots are not the best for winter storage, and are best eaten straight away or frozen for later.

Pre-cultivation: Not recommended - carrots do not like their roots disturbed.

Direct sowing: Early, as soon as the soil can be cultivated to the end of June. Water in the soil before sowing and keep the seed moist. Germination time 2-4 weeks. Covering with fiber cloth after sowing gives faster germination and prevents attacks from pests. Leave the fiber cloth on until harvesting.

Spacing: 5-7cm / 3 plants per GreenStalk pocket. Or, companion plant them in the "corners" of GreenStalk pockets together with beans or peas.

Sow depth: 2cm

Location: Full sun

Harvest: July-Oct


Number of seeds: 200

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