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GreenStalk Mover

GreenStalk Mover

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GreenStalk Mover base plate with wheels and drainage

This Mover is a base plate with wheels that is great if you want to be able to move your plant tower around. On an even surface it will also make rotating easier (on an uneven surface the Spinner is preferable).

The Mover has the same shape as your GreenStalk garden tower for a firm grip. At the bottom of the Mover there is a drainage hole/tap that you can put a hose on to lead away excess water - if it is, for example, standing on the veranda, balcony or terrace.

6 wheels - 3 locking & 3 without. When attaching the wheels alternate locking/non-locking every other wheel.

Also remember to place your GreenStalk on a level surface so that the irrigation system can function optimally. Check with a level for best result.

Avoid placing your plant tower with wheels directly on the lawn as the wheels will sink into the lawn due to the weight. If you plan to place your tower on grass use stone slabs, a trolley or a plate of a suitable type under.

Drainage hose not included.

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