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Individual Planter ORIGINAL

Individual Planter ORIGINAL

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Expand your GreenStalk vertical garden or build a smaller tower to complete at your own pace.

If you are going to supplement an existing tower, keep in mind that you also need to buy an Individual Grey Watering Disc for each new Individual Original planter, in order to maintain the patented irrigation function in your vertical planter.

Should you build your own tower and wish to use the GreenStalk irrigation function, a Top Water Reservoir at the top and an Individual Gray Watering Disc between each pair of Individual Planters are required.

Did you know you can mix Original with Leaf?

You can! Both options have the same attachments. So if you want to combine a GreenStalk with, for example, 2 or 3 units with 25.5 cm deep cultivation planes at the bottom and 2-3 units of the shallower one of 18 cm on top, it works fine. Keep in mind that larger foliage should sit further down and smaller foliage at the top to be able to take in as much sun as possible and not be obscured by each other.

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