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Parsnip 'Halblange'

Parsnip 'Halblange'

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Parsnip sativa

Vitamin rich and tasty. This variety is resistant to diseases, matures quickly and has a nice, smooth surface. The taste is sweet and strong - delicious roasted or in soups and stews. Place in sun to partial shade (full sun will give larger parsnips). Thrives best in a light to medium, nutrient-rich soil. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination has started.

Parsnips can fork in an overly fertile soil, if growing in a GreenStalk we suggest they share a tower with e.g. lettuce and herbs which will not be fertilized as heavily as other vegetables.

Parsnips are a rich source of vitamin C and fiber.

Flavour will be at it's sweetest if harvested after the first frost.

Direct sowing: March-May / Sept - Dec. Soak the seeds for 1 day before sowing. Long germination time. Keep the seed moist.

Spacing: 10 cm / 3 plants per GreenStalk pocket

Location: Sun - partial shade

Number of seeds: 120

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