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Radish 'Flamboyant 3'

Radish 'Flamboyant 3'

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Raphanus sativus

Popular French breakfast type radish with elongated bulbs, red with white tips. Tender and crunchy gourmet radish with a crisp, clean taste. Radishes are most often eaten raw, but can even be pickled, sautéed, or braised to bring out different flavors and textures.

Even the tops are edible with a mild, peppery flavour. They can complement other greens in a salad (although not everybody is fond of the slightly fuzzy texture when raw), turned to pesto or sautéd, braised or steamed. Young tender leaves are best for raw consumption.

Rich in vitamin C and potassium.

Thrives best in loose, moisture-retaining soil. Water abundantly. Harvest while young, 28-32 days after germination. Repeat sowings at 2-week intervals to extend the harvest period. Radishes are fast growing vegetables that can be grown between e.g. lettuce, cabbage and squash - they can be harvested before the other plants spread out.

Radishes are best grown in the cooler temperatures of Spring and Autumn, they can be quick to bolt in hot weather.

Direct sowing: Early, as soon as the soil is workable to April. Water before sowing and keep the seed moist until germination. Cover the seed with fiber cloth to avoid early insect attacks on the seedlings. Thin seedlings as needed, radishes will not grow well if they are too crowded.

Spacing: 2-3 cm / 3-4 plants per GreenStalk pocket. Or companion plant them in the "corners" of GreenStalk pockets alongside primary plants in middle.

Days to harvest: 28-34 after germination

Location: Sun to partial shade

Number of seeds: 250

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