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Squash 'Pic n Pic'

Squash 'Pic n Pic'

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Cucurbita pepo

Delicious yellow squash. Bushy growth habit, perfect for the small garden or in a larger pot. Pick the fruits when they are 10-15 cm large. Bears fruit throughout the season. Thrives in a warm and sunny place in loamy, well-fertilized and well-drained soil. Water abundantly.

Pre-cultivation: May. 3-4 years before planting after the last frost. Sow 1 seed/pot in fertilized soil. Set warm for germination 18-24°C. Replant after a couple of weeks into a larger pot. Be gentle with the roots when transplanting. Provide plenty of light.

Direct sowing: Mid May - mid June. When the soil is 15°C. Water the furrow before sowing. Keep the seed moist. Cover with fiber cloth until the plants start to flower.

Sow depth, cm: 2

Harvest: July - Sept

Spacing: 100 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket. No more than 3 plants per tier (every other pocket)

Location: Sun

Number of seeds: 5

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