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Asparagus pea

Asparagus pea

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Tetragonolobus purpureus

Also known as Winged pea and English coffee pea (as it's roasted seeds were once used as a coffee substitute in the 1800s!)

An ancient and undemanding crop, the Asparagus pea is a beautiful plant that can be grown both in the herb garden and in the flower bed. Produces beautiful, two-tone flowers in deep red shades and pods edged with wings. The pods have a mild flavour reminiscent of asparagus.

Flowers, sprouts and young pods can be eaten, the pods like sugar peas - lightly steamed or sautéed in butter and eaten whole. Harvest the pods early (3-5cm), after that they become fibrous. The plant is nitrogen-fixing and thus enriches the soil for the benefit of other plants.

Pre-cultivation: In April. Sow 1 seed/pot. The seeds can be soaked in water 2-24 hours before sowing for faster germination. Direct sowing is recommended, if pre-cultivating then remove the entire soil clump when transplanting and be gentle as the root clump is very sensitive

Direct sowing: Do not sow until soil temp. is 15 °C, in May-June. The seeds can be soaked in water 2-24 hours before sowing for faster germination. Water before sowing and keep moist until germination. Thrives in a sunny location in good, well-drained and moist soil. Does not tolerate standing water.

Spacing: 30 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Harvest: Jul-Sep

Height, cm: 50

Location: Sun

Number of seeds: approx. 20

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