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Beet 'Forono'

Beet 'Forono'

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Beta vulgaris conditiva

Elongated variety that gives an abundant harvest. Very intense red color. Due to the oblong shape they can be sown more closely. The oblong shape makes it extra suitable for slicing. Thrives in nutritious, moist loam soil. The leaves are nutritious and can be used as chard.

Direct seeding: Maj-June. Do not sow too early as they will bolt if exposed to a late frost. Water before sowing and keep moist until the seeds germinate. Soak the seeds for a few hours before sowing for faster germination. Each beet "seed" actually contains many seeds. If you get many seedlings at the same spot, thin them out by removing all but the strongest.

Spacing: 5cm / 2 plants per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth: 2cm

Location: Sun to partial shade

Harvest: August-October

Number of seeds: 100

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