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Bell pepper 'Snacking Purple'

Bell pepper 'Snacking Purple'

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Capsicum annuum

Beautiful, purple peppers with small 6-8cm, sweet fruits. Perfect for growing in containers. The plant branches well without topping. Grow in a sheltered and warm location, e.g. on the patio, balcony or greenhouse. Shower the plant often to prevent pest infestation.

Pre-cultivation: Mid-Feb to March. Sow in moistened soil. Keep moist, cover with plastic or put in mini greenhouse. Set warm for germination, 20°C. After emergence, bright and cooler. Use additional lighting for early sowing. When the plants are big enough to handle, put 1 plant/pot in fertilized soil. Pinch off the plant at 15 cm height.

Sow depth, cm: 0,5

Height, cm: 30-40

Harvest: mid-August to October

Location: Greenhouse

Spacing: 40cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Number of seeds: 4

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