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Broccoli 'Ramoso calabrese'

Broccoli 'Ramoso calabrese'

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Brassica oleracea botr. cymose

Previously known as 'Marathon' F1

Reliable harvest from this fast maturing, traditional Italian variety with great flavour. Forms a compact and round head, first the largest central head followed by smaller shoots throughout the season.

Can be harvested in several rounds as the side shoots continue to grow after the main shoot has been harvested. Place sunny. Thrives best in a slightly clayey, open, loamy and well-drained soil, but lighter soil types also do well. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination has started. Water in case of drought.

Pre-cultivation: 4-6 weeks before transplanting. Sow sparsely on moistened seed soil. When the plants are big enough to handle, transplant 1/pot. Harden off before planting. Cover early with net to protect from pests.

Direct sowing: Can be sown directly when soil temp. is at least 5 °C, but pre-cultivation is recommended.

Spacing: 50cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Location: Sun

Number of seeds: approx. 30

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