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Bush bean 'Purple King'

Bush bean 'Purple King'

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Phaseolus vulgaris nanus

Stringless, purple bean that turns green after cooking. This unusual plant produces a profusion of blue-violet, tasty pods. After 2-3 minutes of boiling, the color of the pods changes to the usual green color. The pods are 30 cm long and delicious

Do not eat beans uncooked.

Thrives in well-drained, loamy and moist soil in a warm location. Keep well-watered during flowering.

Pre-cultivation: 2-3 weeks before planting out after the last frost. Very good variety for northern climates. Sow 1 seed per pot/cell. Sow 1 seed per pot or cell and set warm (+25°C). Water before sowing and keep moist until germination. After sprouting place in room temperature with adequate light.

Direct sowing: Do not sow until soil temp. is 15 °C. Rinse the seeds thoroughly before sowing. Water before sowing and keep moist until germination. Covering with fiber-cloth can keep the birds from getting at them first!

Spacing: 15 cm / 3 plants per GreenStalk pocket

Height, cm: 40

Location: Sun (preferred) or partial shade

Number of seeds: 100
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