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Cherry tomato 'Twiggy Red' F1

Cherry tomato 'Twiggy Red' F1

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Solanum lycopersicum

Great variety for container growing and hydroponic cultivation. Low-growing dwarf cocktail tomato with thin skin. Produces plenty of small heart-shaped fruits. Do not prune or remove suckers.

Ready to harvest in about 10-12 weeks. Can also be sown year round for a smaller harvest grown indoors with extra lighting.

Hydroponic growing: Sow 1-2 seeds in a hydroponic growing plug. When the seeds germinate, the smallest plant is thinned out. Requires plant lighting for good results. 

Pre-cultivation: March to June. in seed soil indoors, with plant lighting. Allow to germinate at room temperature then set cooler. Replant to one per pot in fertilized soil when the plants can be handled. Tip: Determinate tomatoes have a shorter harvest period than indeterminate - do repeat sowings at one month intervals to extend harvest.

Height, cm: 30

Spacing: 1 plant per pot / hydroponic cell / GreenStalk pocket.


Number of seeds: 4

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