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Chili 'Jalapeno M'

Chili 'Jalapeno M'

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Capsicum annuum*

Chili jalapeño is a hardy chili pepper. The color of the fruits is green and becomes red when ripe. The fruits are about 8 cm long. The plant is placed in a sunny location on a protected plant site in moist, porous, humus- and nutrient-rich soil. The plant has a great need for water and nutrition but will not tolerate standing in water.

Scoville scale: 5000-8000

The fruits should be handled with care. Avoid contact with eyes. It can be good to wear gloves when cleaning and cutting strong chilies. Can be used fresh or dried.

Pre-cultivation: January-April. Cultivated indoors in seed soil. Moisten the soil before sowing and only lightly press the seeds down on the surface. Cover the seed with clear plastic with air holes and place in 20-25 degrees, light and slightly cooler after germination. Plant out after hardening when the risk of frost is over.

Harvest: July - October

Height: 70-80cm

Spacing: 40-50cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Sowing depth: 0.5-1cm

Germination time: 20-30 days

Location: Sunny and sheltered. Greenhouse


Number of seeds: 4

*There are many different types of chili, but the most common are Capsicum annuum, Capsicum baccatum and Capsicum chinense. Of these varieties, chinense has a long development time and should therefore be grown early, preferably already in December. The baccatum variety can be sown until January-February and annuum varieties can be planted throughout the period January-April.
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