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Container mix 'Amsterdam'

Container mix 'Amsterdam'

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Shipping from Sweden

The varieties in this mix are selected to fit well in baskets, balcony boxes and pots. The mix provides a compact mix of summer flowers.

The mix contains:
  • Petunia, petunia
  • Sea lavender, Limonium sinuatum
  • Bindweed, Convolvulus sabatius
  • Lobelia, Lobelia
  • Mini petunia, calibrachoa
  • Swan river daisy, Brachyscome iberidifolia
  • Marguerite daisy, Argyranthemum frutescens

Direct sowing: Direct sowing: Water before sowing. Sow the seeds sparsely and keep moist until the seeds germinate.

Spacing: 20cm / 1-2 per GreenStalk pocket


Plant position: Sun

Number of seeds: approx. 250
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