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Cucumber 'Baby' F1

Cucumber 'Baby' F1

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Cucumis sativus

Tasty, crispy sweet mini cucumber with smooth skin, perfect for growing in a greenhouse, in a large pot in a sheltered position or as a "cucumber curtain" inside.

The plant only forms female flowers and does not need to be pollinated (at the beginning of the growing season, however, some male flowers may form). Harvest often, don't let the cucumbers get too big - harvest at 8cm.

The plant needs plant support and can be topped when the desired height is reached.

Pre-cultivation: Feb - June. Sow one seed/pot and let it germinate at 25°C, then let it stand at room temperature. When transplanting, place the plant at the same depth as in the seed pot, not deeper.

Sow depth, cm: 2

Harvest: April - Oct

Location: Greenhouse preferred, or in a very sunny, very sheltered position

Spacing: 50 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket, no closer than every other pocket


Number of seeds: 5

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