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Greek cress ’Greek’

Greek cress ’Greek’

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Lepidium sativum

Grow cress in soil, is it possible? Sure! Cress can be so much more than just sprouts for a sandwich.

Greek Cress is one of the finest selections of Cress available. It is a variety of garden cress that has a more pronounced, sweet nutty flavour with a slightly spicy kick and lingering peppery taste. This type of watercress produces fine leaves that resemble arugula or smooth-leaved parsley in appearance.

The taste is strong and the leaves are good to use as baby leaves in salads and soup, or allow to reach maturity for stir fries, curries and salsa.  Harvest when the leaves are between 14-20 cm high.

Grown in favorable conditions it can mature as fast as 20-30 days. Don't have any plants ready to fill an empty GreenStalk pocket you've just harvested? Throw in some Cress seeds!

Pre-cultivation: Can be sown indoors in a pot all year round. Sow the seeds with a few cm between them in moist seed soil. Cover with plastic and keep moist. Cress will not reliably regrow after cutting, sow repeatedly for a continuous supply.

Direct sowing: Apr - mid July. Water the seedbed before sowing. Keep moist until the seeds germinate.

Sow depth, cm: 0,5

Height, cm: 10-20

Harvest: Summer and Fall outdoors, all year with repeat sowings and grown indoors

Spacing: 2cm, this applies also in a GreenStalk.

Location: Partial shade, cress is quick to bolt in hot weather

Number of seeds: 300+

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