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Insect Protection Cover

Insect Protection Cover

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GreenStalk original Insect Cover proudly sewn in the USA of highest quality materials.

This innovative material is made in Israel and excels at blocking whiteflies, aphids, leafminers and thrips. The Insect Protection Cover works well with all sizes of the GreenStalk Vertical Planter and is ideal for use with at least one GreenStalk Plant Support (Plant Supports sold separately). This cover can also be used for shrubs and trees.


  • Marine-style molded zipper that maintains a watertight seal for product longevity
  • Sewn with UV stable/protected thread and binding
  • Rust-resistant grommets for optional drawstring use (string not included)
  • Measures 1.5m x 1.5m seam to seam (large enough to cover even our tallest planters)
  • Circular top seam to prevent pulling on plants
  • Easily maneuverable to locate plants for harvest an pruning
  • Zips from top to bottom for easy watering and harvest
  • Allows 70-80% of sunlight through the material
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