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Kohlrabi 'Delikatess blauer'

Kohlrabi 'Delikatess blauer'

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Brass. oller. acep. gongylosis

A reliable medium-sized kohlrabi that turns an attractive, dark blue color. Forms good-sized tubers without becoming "woody." Cut fresh as a salad, can be steamed or boiled and used in stews. Vitamin-rich vegetable.

The variety is suitable for greenhouses as well as outdoors and can withstand frost.

Place sunny in deep, porous, moist, medium to heavy soil. Water regularly and fertilize several times during the season. Thin early so the plants are not crowded.

Protect with netting early against attacks by butterflies, moths and flies.

Pre-cultivation: April - May. Sow on moistened seed soil. Cover thinly with soil. Keep moist. Set warm, 22°C. After emergence, bright and cooler. When the plants are big enough to handle, place 1/pot in fertilized soil. Harden off the plants before transplanting.

Direct sowing: April - June. Water before sowing and keep the seed moist. Cover the seed with fiber cloth for faster germination.

Harvest: July - Sept

Spacing: 30cm / 1-2 plants per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth, cm: 0.5


Location: Sun

Number of seeds: 100

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