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Lemon Balm 'Lima'

Lemon Balm 'Lima'

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Melissa officinalis

Easy-to-grow, aromatic and decorative plant with beautiful green foliage that if allowed to flower attracts pollinators. For best harvest however the plant should not be allowed to flower - harvest regularly and cut back the entire plant occassionally to 1/3 to rejuvenate. The fresh, lemon-scented leaves are used for sauces, in fish and vegetable dishes, as garnish, in drinks and for tea. Leaves can be dried for later use.

Lemon balm prefers cooler conditions, if growing outside in container avoid dark colored or glazed pots, which will absorb and retain heat on hot days.

Can be grown all year round on the windowsill. Sensitive to frost. Thrives in most soils.

The roots of lemon balm grow vigorously, if grown as perennial in containers lift and divide the plant once a year or two to rejuvenate.

Sowing instruction: The seeds are tiny, easiest to sow a few of seeds together and thin out all but one seedling after germination, or replant to one seedling per cell when large enough to handle. Sow on the surface of moist sowing medium and cover with a thin layer of perlite or vermiculite, keep  moist until after germination.

Pre-cultivation: Apr-May (year round for growing indoors). 

Direct sowing: Apr-May. Plant out after all risk for frost.

Sow depth, cm: 0

Plant Spacing: 40 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket.

Harvest: July-September

Location: Sun, partial shade

Perennial if protected from frost, can also be grown as an annual or indoors. 

Number of seeds: approx 150

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