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Lettuce 'Australischer Gele' (Australian Yellow)

Lettuce 'Australischer Gele' (Australian Yellow)

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Lactuca sativa acephala

A tasty loose leaf lettuce with tender yellow-green and slightly curly leaves. Good in sallads, on sandwiches and as garnish.  Harvesting leaves or whole leaf rosettes regularly will prevent crowding (plants will continue to grow either way). Good source of vitamins A & C.

Semi-early and fast growing, heat resistant heirloom variety.

Thrives in a humus-rich, moisture-retaining and well-drained soil. Water regularly.

Repeat sowing throughout the season for fresh lettuce all summer.

Pre-cultivation: For earlier harvest, 3-4 weeks before planting out.

Direct sowing: Early, as soon as the soil can be cultivated - July. Dampen soil before sowing. Important to keep the seed moist (not wet) during germination. Lettuce seeds germinate poorly in high heat, not above +20°C.

Spacing: 15cm / 1plant per GreenStalk for harvest of rosettes, 2 for harvest of leaves.

Sow depth, cm: 0.5


Plant position: Sun - partial shade

Number of seeds: 400

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