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Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa'

Lettuce 'Lollo Rossa'

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Lactuca sativa acephala

Specialty from Italy, with a pleasant strong taste, slightly bitter and nutty. Best as a complement to other lettuces. Snails don't like this lettuce! Attractive frilly red & green leaves add color and texture to a salad, sandwich or garnish. The loose heads can be harvested whole or you can harvest leaf by leaf towards the center of the plant. Lollo Rosso blooms late and has a long harvest period. Place in a sunny, protected location in good, nutritious soil. Source of vitamins A and C, folate, fiber, antioxidants, and iron.

Trivia: believed by some to be cultivated since the ancient Egyptians as an aphrodisiac and medicinal remedy.

Direct sowing: Early, as soon as the soil can be cultivated - July. Water before sowing and keep moist during germination. Lettuce seeds germinate poorly in high heat, not above +20°C.

Plant spacing: 25cm / 2 plants per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth, cm: 0.5

Plant position: Sun to partial shade


Number of seeds: 400

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