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Lobelia 'Cascade' mix

Lobelia 'Cascade' mix

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Lobelia erinus var. pendulum

Lots of elegant flowers in breathtaking colors, fantastic in containers. Suitable as a group plant. Thrives in sun to partial shade in light, porous soil. The plant is sensitive to salt.

Pre-cultivation: Press seeds in groups of 3-4 lightly into soil that has been slightly pressed down. Place in 18-20°C. Keep the soil moist until after germination. Replant when the plants are big enough to handle and place in a cooler place.

Direct sowing: March-April

Flowering: June-October

Spacing: 10cm / 1 plant group (2-3 plants) per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth, cm: 0.1

Germination: 7-14 days

Location: Sun, partial shade


Number of seeds: 300

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