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Marigold 'Petite Gelb'

Marigold 'Petite Gelb'

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Tagetes patula nana

A popular summer flower. Full, sunny yellow flowers with a frilly center. Fits well in flower beds, pots and patio boxes. Excellent for controlling harmful nematodes. Placed in sun, but also partial shade. Withstands rain and strong wind. Thrives in well-fertilized soil, but is not so demanding.

Tagetes patula is commonly called French marigold (though not originating in France). The petals are edible, and while most prefer the taste of Tagetes tenuifolia (signet marigold) or Tagetes lucida (Mexican marigold) over French - they make a beautiful garnish!

Pre-cultivation: Sow sparsely in moistened seed soil. Allow to germinate at 18°C. Replant to 1 plant/pot. Set bright and slightly cooler. Plant out after frost. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination has started.

Direct sowing: Water the sowing medium before sowing. Keep moist.

Spacing: 20 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Height, cm: 20

Location: Sun to partial shade


Number of seeds: approx. 50

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