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Mustard greens / Mizuna 'Mandovi'

Mustard greens / Mizuna 'Mandovi'

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Brassica rapa japonica

Fast-growing, vitamin-rich Asian leaf vegetable. The plant belongs to the cabbage family and forms a rosette of vitamin-rich, feathery leaves. The leaves are harvested continuously as the plant grows, while the rosette is saved. You can thus harvest 4-5 times per season. The tender new leaves are used for sallads, fully developed leaves and stems are used in stir-fried food. Place in partial shade and thrives in moist and nutritious soil.

Direct sowing: Best sowing period is July-beginning of August. Earlier sowing can produce plants that bolt quickly. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination.

Spacing: 30cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Plant position: Sun to partial shade

Number of seeds: 30
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