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Phlox 'Cherry Caramel'

Phlox 'Cherry Caramel'

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Phlox drummondii

Lovely flower in soft nuances of apricot, cream and vintage pink tones. Looks great in vases and summer bouquets. Can be sown directly, but pre-cultivation is recommended. Deadhead wilted flowers regularly and the plants will bloom more abundantly. Thrives in well-fertilized, loamy soil. Water abundantly in case of drought.

Originally a wildflower in Texas, phlox has been a prized cultivated flower in Europe for over 150 years.

Pre-cultivation: Mid March - April. Sow sparsely in moistened seed soil. Replant to 1 plant/pot with fertilized soil when the plants are big enough. Place in a light and cool place. Plant out after the last frost.

Direct sowing: Mid April - May. Water the seedbed before sowing. Keep the seed moist until the seeds germinate. Pre-cultivation is recommended.

Sow depth, cm: 0,2

Height, cm: 30

Flowering: July - Sept

Spacing: 20 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Location: Sun, partial shade


Number of seeds: 15

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