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Premium Seed Soil 4L

Premium Seed Soil 4L

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Seed soil from Nelson Garden

Produced in Sweden from Swedish raw materials, with over 40 years of experience in soil and soil production. Nelson Garden strives for a reduced climate impact and this soil is produced in facilities with energy from renewable sources.

Produced with focus on meeting requirements for both function and quality in manufacturing and during use. The result is a living soil adapted to a variety of needs.

Good soil makes it easier to succeed

Most plants can grow in almost anything, but if you dream of lush, healthy flowers and plants, it is crucial to give your plants the best possible conditions.

There are mainly three factors that are important:

  • Good soil is characterized by a porous structure so that it does not become too compact. The plant's roots depend on the availability of air, so they can spread out quickly to absorb nutrients and moisture as the plant grows.
  • Even supply of nutrients to promote root and bud set, leaf growth, fruit set and flavor. This also makes the plants more resistant to diseases.
  • The soil's ability to use and drain water is also crucial. Some plants need a lot of water,  while other plants do best in drier conditions.

Contains white moss peat, sand, limestone flour, litholime/algae lime and mineral fertiliser.

N-P-K 11-5-18

Proper potting soil: How to succeed when planting seeds from Nelson Garden on Vimeo.


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