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Spinach 'Nores'

Spinach 'Nores'

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Spinacia oleracea L.

Nutritious and easy-to-grow leafy vegetable with medium-sized, thick, dark green leaves. More heat tolerant than others and won't bolt so quickly in warm weather. Repeat sowings prolong harvest of fresh leaves, but take a break during the height of summer. Thrives best in loamy, moisture-retaining soil but does well on most soils. Water abundantly.

Direct sowing: April - mid June. Early, as soon as the soil can be cultivated - mid-June, again in early autumn mid August-mid Sept. Water the furrow before sowing. Keep the seed moist until the seeds germinate.

Sow depth, cm: 1

Harvest: June-July / Sept-Oct

Spacing: 5-10 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Location: Sun preferred, can be grown in partial shade

Number of seeds: 200+

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