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Marigold 'Sweet Mace'

Marigold 'Sweet Mace'

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Tagetes lucida

Also called Mexican tarragon, Mexican marigold, Mexican mint marigold, sweet mace, Texas tarragon and pericón.

Perennial summer flower and herbal spice where both leaves and flowers smell wonderfully of anise. Gets slightly spiky leaves that can be used in marinades, sauces, for fish, chicken and lamb. Also used in desserts - wherever a touch of licorice fits.

Fits well in flower beds, pots and patio boxes. The plant can be overwintered frost-free, e.g. in the windowsill in the kitchen, where you can cut leaves throughout the winter.

Thrives in sun to partial shade in nutrient-rich and well-drained soil.

Pre-cultivation: March - April. Sow 1-2 seeds/pot in moist soil. Set at room temperature, after rising light and cool. Plant out when the risk of frost is over.

Direct sowing: May. Water the seedbed before sowing. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination has started.

Sow depth, cm: 0.5

Flowering: June-Sept. Indoors all year round

Spacing: 30 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Height, cm: 40-50

Location: Sun - partial shade

Perennial, grown as Annual in cooler climates

Number of seeds: approx. 200

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