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Timjan 'Thymus Orange'

Timjan 'Thymus Orange'

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Thymus fragrantissimus

Lovely orange-scented thyme that has beautiful leaves in shades of gray and small pink flowers in July-September. When the plant has four sets of leaves, cut off the top of the plant. Should be harvested before flowering. Can be used fresh or dried. Used for tea, desserts or as an herbal seasoning. Attracts pollinators.

Thrives in a sunny location in nutrient-poor and calcareous soil. The plant needs to be protected in winter.

Pre-cultivation: April - May. Sow sparsely on moistened seed soil. Keep moist. Set light at room temp. After emergence, transplant the plants into one-several/pot with sand-mixed soil, place in a bright and cool place.

Direct sowing: April - June. Water in the seedbed before sowing. Sow the seeds shallowly. Keep the soil moist after sowing until germination has started.

Harvest: May - July

Spacing: 30 cm / 1 seed (or group) per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth, cm: 0.1

Height, cm: 20-30

Location: Sun

Perennial, can also be grown as an annual

Number of seeds: approx. 100

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