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Trailing petunia 'Showers Burgundy'

Trailing petunia 'Showers Burgundy'

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Petunia hybrida

Beautiful and abundant flowering with weather-resistant flowers in a lovely colour. Grows upright at first but then gets 50-60 cm long tendrils and a hanging habit. Nice in ampels, containers, balcony boxes and as a ground cover. Thrives in porous potting soil, feed regularly. Deadhead to prolong flowering.

Pre-cultivation: March - mid April. Sow sparsely against moist soil. Do not cover with soil. Keep moist and cover with plastic. Set aside at room temperature. Replant 1 plant/pot with fertilized soil when large enough to handle. Place in a light and cool place. Additional lighting produces plumper plants. For bushier plants pinch out 1-2 weeks after transplanting. Very sensitive to frost. Do not plant out too early.

Sow depth, cm: 0

Height, cm: 30

Flowering: June - Sept

Spacing: 20 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Location: Sun (preferred) or partial shade


Number of seeds: 6

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