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Chicory Radicchio 'Palla Rossa 2'

Chicory Radicchio 'Palla Rossa 2'

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Cichorium intybus

Very decorative with deep red leaves that contrast nicely with the white midribs. The variety forms small heads. The leaves are crunchy with a slightly bitter strong taste.

Can be used in salads with other more neutral types of salad, but also easily grilled together with e.g. cherry tomatoes, spring onions, spices and olive oil. Very good together with cheese and honey.

Place in a sunny position in deep, porous, humus-rich soil.

Direct sowing: May - July. Water before sowing and keep the seed moist.

Harvest: Aug - Nov

Spacing: 20cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Sow depth, cm: 1-2


Plant position: Sun

Number of seeds: 300
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