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GreenStalk Grow-it-All 6 Tier Mix

GreenStalk Grow-it-All 6 Tier Mix

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Can`t decide between Original and Leaf? Want it all? This exclusive GreenStalk bundle is for you.

Plant support and Spinner with wheels included!

6 tier vertical gardening

  • 3 levels GreenStalk Original planter
  • 3 levels GreenStalk Leaf planter
  • PLUS one Plant Support
  • PLUS one Spinner base with Wheels
  • Holds 36 growing pockets of different depths.
  • Our best deal on a customized GreenStalk garden tower for growing vegetables, herbs and leafy greens - all on a quarter of a square meter

In the GreenStalk Original pockets, you can grow plants with larger root systems such as chili and pepper plants, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, summer squash, sweet potatoes, eggplant, pak choi, beans and much more.

The shallower growing pockets of the GreenStalk Leaf are better suited for leafy vegetables, herbs, smaller flowers and root vegetables such as basil, oregano, dill, lettuce, onion, garlic, spinach and strawberries.

Flowers also work well in a GreenStalk and the original size pockets allow you to grow flowers with deeper roots. Calendula and nasturtiums, for example, are a nice addition to any vegetable garden. The flowers make a beautiful and colorful garnish and the cress leaves are delicious on a sandwich. In addition, both emit a strong scent that the aphids detest. Beneficial insects such as ladybugs and ladybugs, on the other hand, do not mind the scent - on the contrary, they are attracted to the flowers. In the shallower pockets you can plant all flowers you would normally plant in a window box.

Grow a lot in a small area

Six growing pockets on each level gives you the opportunity to grow lots of vegetables and greens in a small space.


GreenStalk Mix 6 Tier Original/Leaf Vertical Planter: 36 planting pockets on 6 levels

Volume, liters Height, cm Dia, cm
Each pocket Leaf 3.8 - Orig 5
Leaf 18 - Orig 25
Each level Leaf 22.8 - Orig 30
Leaf 18 - Orig 25
Assembled tower 158.4 129 48


Made from high quality, food grade, UV resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC free plastic.


GreenStalk Mix 6 Tier Vertical Planter includes:

Plants/soil not included.

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