How many plants do I grow per pocket?

How many plants in each GreenStalk pocket?

Most plants will do best if one plant is planted in each growing pocket, but there are exceptions!

2+ plants per pocket for some

We plant 2 plants/pocket for almost all herbs and lettuce, to have enough to harvest in a shorter time. Some may eventually get so large as to start to crowd - if that happens we just harvest an entire plant at the base, giving the remaining one more space.

Here are some other plants that will do wonderfully planted 2 or more per pocket.

 Plant Plants per pocket
Arugula 2-3
Beetroot 2-3 depending on sort (oblong varieties take less space)
Bush Beans 2-3
Carrots 3-5*
Green Onions 10* - two groups of 5 multi-sown, harvest the largest ones first.
Leeks 3-5
2 plants for harvest of outer leaves (only 1 for head lettuce)
Onions 4, as a set
Parsnip 3*
Peas 3
Radishes 5* or more


* can also be grown as companion plants - one in each corner of a pocket, where another larger plant is growing in the middle.

2 pockets per plant for others

If you want to grow a plant with particularly large need of root space or water, the opposite can be true - instead of giving the plant one pocket, let it have two. How do you know? Do a little research on what size container is recommended for it, if the answer is at least 10 liters, then give it two pockets.

But leaving an entire pocket empty is of course not much fun! We plant something small and undemanding in those, for example radishes or marigolds.