What will I grow in a GreenStalk grow tower?

How can you fill so many levels and planting pockets? Here are some suggestions!

At the bottom of the page you will also find suggestions for good plant varieties for vertical container gardening, as well as information on placement of the plants in the tower.

7-Tier Leaf Planter - quick start mid-Spring - outdoors sun to partial shade

Option 1: Express - buy small plants from a nursery, garden centre or online.
  • Herbs and baby leaves for 2 levels 24-48 plants (2 plants or more per pocket, thin out if it gets crowded): parsley, chives, green onions, dill, thyme, oregano, coriander, chervil, arugula, pak choi, tatsoi, lemon balm, fennel, borage
  • Strawberries for 2 levels: 12 plants (1 plant/pocket)
  • Lettuce for 2 levels: 12-36 plants (2-3 plants/pocket for continuous harvest of the outermost leaves, thin if necessary to one plant/pocket for head lettuce)
  • Spinach for 1 level: approx. 18 plants (up to three plants/pocket)
Option 2 - if you like to sow your own - replace any number of levels above with e.g.:
Tip! Several of the herbs and greens above can also be started even earlier, by  pre-cultivating indoors or direct sowing in Winter to sprout when the weather is right.

5-Tier Original Planter - Spring/early Summer - outdoors in sunny position

Growing from seed is recommended for these larger plants, as you will have more to choose from and can choose varieties of a suitable size for container growing.
      • 1 level with zucchini & broccoli in total 3 plants, 1 plant/pocket, every other pocket to give them adequate root space*
      • 1 level with beans - 2-3 plants/pocket and peas 3 plants/pocket (direct sown or pre-cultivated).
      • 1 level with summer carrots (direct sown May-June) 5 plants/pocket and leeks 2 plants/pocket (direct sown May-June)
      • 1 level with swiss chard 1 plant/pocket, pak choi 2-3plants/pocket and marigold
      • 1 level with beetroot or pre-sprouted potatoes (one seed potato each planting pocket)

* When planting every other pocket, use the remaining pockets for plants with less need for space and water. Woody herbs are ideal for this, or how about some edible flowers

5-Tier Original Planter, in greenhouse or enclosed balcony

      • 1 level with chili or bell peppers 3 plants - every other pocket** 
      • 2 levels with tomatoes 3 plants -  every other pocket**
      • 1 level with cucumbers 3 plants - every other pocket
      • 1 level with aubergine & sweet potato 3 in total - every other pocket**

** When planting every other pocket, make use of the pockets in between by filling them with heat-loving herbs that won't take much root space and water from the larger plants - for example basil, lemongrass, lemon verbena and parsley.

6-Tier Grow-it-All Mix Planter for the foodie - outdoors in full sun and sheltered location

Suggestions for plant varieties in a GreenStalk vertical garden

Beans with 40-60cm height

Purple Bean 'Purple King'
Borlotto bean 'Borlotto Rosso'
Crop bean 'Cogito', 'Cropper Teepee', 'Saxa', 'Mascotte', 'Nautica', 'Maxi'
Broad bean 'Robin Hood'
Wax bean 'Dior'
Dwarf runner bean 'Hestia'

Peas with 40-65cm height

'Norli', 'Meteor', 'Bamby', 'Delikett', 'Markana' 'Bördi', 'Wunder don Kelvedon'

Dwarf/Mini tomatoes

'Totem', 'Tigerette Cherry', 'Tiny Tim', 'Twiggy Red', 'Twiggy Orange', 'Balkonzauber'

Tip Rooted cuttings from tomato plants of a taller variety become shorter plants, which we and others have successfully grown to harvest in a GreenStalk Original. If you are an experienced gardener and have the time to keep them pruned, feel free to try your hand with indeterminate tomatoes as well! 

Summer squash, zucchini, patty-pan/flying saucer squash - bushy habit suitable for container growing

'Custard White'
'Pâtisson Blanc'
'Pic n Pic'
'Pâtisson Jaune'
'Gold Rush'
Crookneck Pumpkin 'Early Summer Crookneck'


'Patio Baby'
'Teresa' F1
'Black Beauty'
'Moneymaker No.2' F1
'Farmers Long'

Leaf cabbage, lower varieties

Kale: 'Half Tall', 'Dwarf Green Curled', 'Emerald Ice', 'Scarlet'
Tuscan kale: 'Black Magic'
Red cabbage: 'Red Russian', 'Redbor'
Pointed head cabbage: 'Express', 'Caraflex'

Placement of levels and plants

  • Place the tallest plants at the bottom of the tower
  • Allocate two planting pockets for plants that need more root space
  • Give invasive perennial plants such as mint, as well as perennials for overwintering, their very own cultivation plan in your GreenStalk