How do I water my GreenStalk vertical planter?

How does the GreenStalk watering system work?

At the top of your garden tower is the water reservoir. Add water in the reservoir, not in the middle hole. The lines in the sides will give you an approximate idea how much to fill, based on how many planter levels you have - for example up to the top line for a tower with 5 Original or 7 Leaf planters and full grown plants, less for a tower with fewer levels or smaller plants.

drawing of water flow in a greenstalk vertical planter

The water in the reservoir will immediately start flowing downwards taking two paths:

  • through the large middle hole, where it will successively fill each grey watering disc between levels - which in turn waters the roots of the level below.
  • through the six small holes in the bottom of the reservoir och planters, providing drip irrigation to the middle of each pocket on the level below.


Excess water will run out of the bottom of the tower; if no water runs out then watering was insufficient and you need to add more water to the reservoir.

Soil that was very dry before watering does not absorb water well, and may cause much of the water to run right through without actually soaking the soil. If you know that the soil was very dry, or have just planted your GreenStalk and the potting soil was not already moist at time of filling, wait 30 minutes and repeat the above procedure.

Keep in mind that newly sown plants require less water and some mature plants require more.

In the case of newly sown and newly planted small plants, we recommend only watering each planting pocket individually as needed, until the seeds have germinated and the plants have grown somewhat and developed roots that can take over.

If you have some plants that require more water than others in the same tower, give them extra water manually rather than overwatering the entire tower and risking drowning the others.

As your plants get larger, you will probably need to continue watering from the top water reservoir even in rainy weather! This is because the foliage of large plants will prevent water from entering the pockets, and even a prolonged steady rain will not fill the water reservoar to the extent that it runs down the middle tube enough to fill the middle discs. If you feel that the top level may be soaked from rain, you can pour the water in a stream straight down the middle hole to fill the discs to the lower levels.