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Carrot 'Oxheart'

Carrot 'Oxheart'

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Daucus carota L

Well-known heirloom carrot variety that was mentioned already at the end of the 19th century. The root is thick and conical with a nice carrot taste. Eaten fresh or blanched and then frozen. Thrives in stone-free, loam-rich and well-drained soil. Water when dry. Thin out and keep free of weeds when the plant is small

Pre-cultivation: Not recommended - carrots do not like their roots disturbed.

Direct sowing: Early, as soon as the soil can be cultivated until the end of June. Water in the seedbed before sowing. Keep the seed moist. Germination time 2-4 weeks. Covering with fiber cloth provides faster germination and prevents attacks from harmful insects. Leave the fiber cloth on until harvesting.

Sow depth, cm:

Harvest: July-Sept

Spacing: 5cm / 3-4 plants per GreenStalk pocket. Or, companion plant them in the "corners" of GreenStalk pockets together with beans or peas.

Number of seeds: about 100

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