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Cilantro 'Marino'

Cilantro 'Marino'

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Coriandrum sativum

Cilantro may appear similar to parsley, but has a completely different taste. The fresh leaves are used as a strong, piquant herb and are very common in oriental, South American and exotic dishes. The seeds can also be harvested, dried and used as a spice with a completely different, citrusy taste. Used as leaves this herb is called cilantro, the seeds are called coriander.

Few herbs can divide humans like cilantro - it is a true Love-it or Hate-it herb! We at Grow Towers only first appreciated cilantro after dining at the home of a native South American who knew how to use it. We changed sides, and the next season grew it in our own garden.

The plant is self-sowing if allowed to produce it's decorative, pale pink flowers, but as with virtually all herbs - unless you plan to use the seeds, do not allow it to flower for best harvest of leaves. Harvest leaves as needed, cilantro will not grow back if cut all the way down.

Thrives in a loose and nutritious soil. Sunny location gives strong growth.

Pre-cultivation or direct sowing: April-July

Sow depth, cm: 1

Spacing: 5-10 cm for leaves, 20cm if grown for seeds / 1-2 plants per GreenStalk pocket (allow more space in a sunny position)

Location: Sun, partial shade

Harvest: June-October


Number of seeds: approx 50

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