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Eggplant 'Teresa' F1

Eggplant 'Teresa' F1

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Solanum melongena

Early eggplant with slender violet fruits, approx. 20 cm long. Used for moussaka and vegetable dishes. Loves heat and is best grown in a greenhouse or in a very sheltered location. Thrives in nutritious and well-drained soil. Water regularly. Harvest fruits as they ripen, about 4 months after sowing.

Pre-cultivation: May-mid April, or 10-12 weeks before planting out at lowest night temperature +10°C. Sow on moistened seed soil. Cover with soil and plastic or in a mini greenhouse. Set warm (+22°C). Keep the seed moist. After emergence bright and slightly cooler. Use additional lighting for early sowing. When the plants are big enough to handle put 1 per pot in fertilized soil.0201-0415

Sow depth, cm: 0,5

Height, cm: 60

Harvest: July-Sept

Location: Greenhouse or very sheltered, sunny and warm location

Spacing: 50 cm / 1 plant per GreenStalk pocket

Number of seeds: 4

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